STUDY FLiGHT™ Емейлы и деловая переписка E-mail & Business Writing — Урок 3: тема е-мейл

E-mail & Business Writing — Урок 3: тема е-мейл


  1. attach – прикреплять (файл к е-мейлу)
  2. push up the deadline – отодвинуть дедлайн
  3. make it – справиться
  4. approve — одобрять
  5. make travel arrangements – организовать поездку
  6. unfortunately – к сожалению
  7. match needs / qualifications – соответствовать потребностям / квалификации
  8. keep on file – сохранить (в архиве)
  9. This is to confirm – Настоящим подтверждается
  10. work for (smb) – подходить (кому-либо)
  11. take Friday as a vacation day – взять в пятницу отгул
  12. make sure – убедиться, обеспечить
  13. go smoothly – пройти гладко

Поле «тема письма» говорит читателю о содержании е-мейл. Оно должно быть ясным и кратким.

Неясно, двусмысленно, неэффективно
Subject: Meeting
Subject: Cancellation

Ясно, эффективно
Subject: November 6 department meeting
Subject: Cancellation of May 5 training

Задача поля «тема письма» — подготовить читателя к восприятию е-мейл. Если оно не заполнено, читателю остается лишь догадываться о содержании сообщения.

Subject: new specifications for the ICP

Hi Clark,

I’m attaching the new specs for the ICP. Could you take a look at them and e-mail me your comments before the end of the month?


Subject: change

Hi Mark,

Mr Palmer has pushed up the deadlines for the completion of the project. December 15 is the new date. Do you think we can make it?

Best regards,



Your request to attend the ICEF workshop has been approved.
Please contact Rebecca Davison at European Express to make your travel arrangements.



Dear Mr. Richardson, 

Thank you for your application for the position of Marketing Manager.
Unfortunately, your qualifications do not match our needs at the moment. However, we will keep your CV on file. In the event that a position opens up that matches your qualifications, we will certainly contact you.

John Martin


Какое приветствие и окончание подходит к е-мейл ниже наилучшим образом?

1. Hi Natalie, / Dear Ms. Azzopardi:

This is to confirm that Susan Peterson worked as a secretary at the New York office of Star Constructions from October 2019 to September 2022. If you have further questions about her employment, feel free to let me know.

Talk to you soon. / Sincerely yours,

Martha Lee
Deputy Director, Human Resources

2. Dear Mr. Morgan: / Sue,

I’m dying to hear about your voyage. When can we get together? I’m free tomorrow night and next Saturday night. Does either one work for you?
I’m going to Rome for a trade conference next Sunday. Hope we can get together before then.

Sincerely, / Best,

3. Dear Sir, / Mr. Chang,

My mother is celebrating her 85th birthday a week from Friday, and I’d like to be there for the occasion. Is it alright if I take next Thursday and Friday as vacation days? I’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly in the department during my absence.

Thank you. / Sincerely,

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Словарь: be interested  – интересоваться, быть заинтересованным be grateful / thankful – быть благодарным appreciate – высоко ценить confirm – подтверждать let (smb) know – уведомить check in – проверять